Notes from CLPP: Sex Education Justice.

15 Apr

See my previous intro on our “Notes from CLPP” posts.

Here are the highlights from my notes from the session called SexEd!: Movement Building in Action for Sexuality Education Justice.

I didn’t write down who said what, but the organizations presenting this information were: Illinois Caucus for Adolescent Health, SPARK Reproductive Justice Now, and Colorado Organization for Latina Opportunity and Reproductive Rights.

What is Sexuality Education Justice?
  • A holistic view of sexuality and sexual health, positive body image, self esteem, gender identity, sexual orientation, sexuality all seen as part of life
  • Going beyond STI and pregnancy prevention
  • Celebrating sexuality as part of human development
  • Attention, commitment, and resources for young people and the sexual health of young people including marginalized communities
  • Sex ed as a part of people’s lives, not an extra issue

The Problem:
  • Current sex ed curriculum that’s abstinence-only doesn’t work
  • The US has the highest STI/teen pregnancy rate of all developed countries. We also have the earliest sexual debut; our youth aren’t having more sex, just less safe sex
  • Better-ranked schools have more comprehensive sex ed programs, so youth in less wealthy neighborhoods/in public schools are at a disadvantage
Possible Solution: Holistic Sexuality Education Justice
  • Addresses needs and realities of all people (people of color, indigenous, immigrants, people with disabilities, LGBTQI, people of faith, men) and is based on lived experiences and cultural norms of diverse gruops of people
  • Incorporates social, cultural, economic support for pregnant/parenting youth, addressing stigma and demonization of youth and people of color
  • Inclusive of people of all ages, not just youth
  • Addresses cultural & societal myths, stereotypes and barriers (shame/guilt) around sexuality and positive sexuality
Sexuality Education Justice is when young people, families, and communities have the information, resources and power to make healthy decisions about their gender, body, sexuality, relationships and well-being for themselves.

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