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Ohio: Home of the Poisonous Nut

31 Mar

By: Catrina Otonoga

Ohio has been fighting a quiet battle for our lives. Across the state, clinics struggle to find partnerships with private hospitals in order to remain open, the Board of Health is in disarray after the resignation of the Director amid rumors he was not closing clinics quickly enough, and Ohio Right to Life is in the ears and offices of our highest state officials.

It’s not an uncommon refrain these days in America. Michigan is fighting back against a ban on including abortion in insurance policies. And, who hasn’t heard about Texas – with Wonder Woman Wendy at the helm of, perhaps, the greatest reproductive rights uprising in United States history?

But, in the Buckeye state we are under attack, and we haven’t had much of a rallying cry.

Here in Ohio, the heart of it all, we have another heartbeat bill on the table. A bill that contains no exceptions for rape or incest, and would make performing an abortion after a heartbeat is detected a felony. That’s as early as six weeks into a pregnancy.

Clinics are closing across the state. Women in the Toledo area are traveling to Michigan because their rights are being chipped away in their own backyard. Abortion is legal in Ohio, but restrictions are becoming so onerous that clinics can no longer operate, and women cannot access services without crossing the state or state lines.

And, at the helm of it all is Governor John Kasich. Behind the seemingly moderate exterior that got him elected, is a politician who has enacted some of the harshest abortion restrictions in the United States. Do a search for “Kasich, Abortion” and the articles that pop up are from the last time Ohio wasn’t under a blanket of snow – last summer, when he signed the budget into law, and with it, a host of laws that have led to massive consequences for women’s health in Ohio. Aside from a few quotes put out by advocates for abortion rights in the state, Kasich has remained clean of a lot of the backlash.

The upcoming Gubernatorial race in Ohio promises to focus on abortion issues, but many political experts agree that people who make abortion a priority during an election have already sorted themselves onto the Democratic side.

Like Virginia in their Gubernatorial, it’s time for Ohio to rally, to take ourselves off the defensive, and to stop letting extremists run our state and control our bodies under the guise of moderate politics.

To take action and check out these great organizations in Ohio: OhioNow, NARAL Pro-Choice Ohio , Women Have Options


Amazing & inspiring art courtesy of the Repeal Hyde Art Project


Why Abortion Restrictions are Big-Government Interference: What Happened in Kansas

16 May

It’s not exactly a secret anymore that “conservative” has become a tragic code word for “hypocritical.” Conservatives want small government, low taxes, and no regulation – on banks, insurance companies, and Wall Street financial institutions (incidentally, these are the people who fund their campaigns). Conservatives want to regulate the ever-loving crap out of the most private, personal matters that concern women and queers, including marriage and healthcare, no matter what it costs – and it just cost Indiana $4 million.

Did you ever hear the joke about the Jewish dilemma? Free bacon.* The conservative dilemma is similar – what to do when regulating bodies requires regulating businesses? What will win out? Will the conservative need to fiercely protect the freedoms of billion-dollar private corporations take precedence, or will the desire to tell people what they can and cannot do with their bodies based on an entirely arbitrary set of “moral” principles prove to be too strong.

The decision in Kansas would seem to indicate which way the wind is blowing, and like everything else these days, it doesn’t look good for uteri.

Kansas legislators have decided to tell insurance companies what kind of medical procedures they can and cannot cover. And they’re not looking to legislate the sale of viagra, or plastic surgery, or non-FDA approved medications – no, they’re coming right for the abortions, which are, obviously, the scourge of American society. Health insurance companies are posting unheard-of record profits while raising premiums, but the government will have no comment on that, THANKS – commenting on the fact that American consumers are getting royally screwed would be interfering with business, and you know America is built on the totally unregulated success of businesses screwing over consumers! So they’re gonna let that slide, for the good of the nation – but not abortion. Offering to cover a necessary, legal medical procedure – now that is just a bridge too far.

*Don’t worry, you can laugh – this moment brought to you by a Jew.