Top Posts of 2013

26 Dec

The most read Abortion Gang posts of 2013:

1. How having an abortion made me a better parent by Sophia

“To have another child would be to fail at giving all that I can to my existing son.”

2. Supporting abortion as birth control by Deva

“Why are we so afraid of liberating the use of abortion for whatever means an individual may choose?”

3. Why I am not pro-voice by Renee Bracey Sherman

“The act of telling someone how, when, where, and why they should, or should not, share their personal experience is one deeply rooted in privilege.”

4. Dr. Tiller was my abortion provider and he changed my life by an anonymous writer

“As we left the clinic one of the women behind the counter handed me a card with a name and a phone number written on it: Dr. George Tiller, 316-684-5108. Little did I know, this card would change my life.”

5. Why it’s totally cool for Farrah Abraham to go to Pace University and why her haters need to get a life by an anonymous writer

“Being in a porn isn’t a reason to deny someone their education. Because, and this may be news, porn stars are people too.”

6. The permanence of children and tattoos by Peggy

“I am the expert on my own life. My body is part of that. Trust my decisions, because I’m the one who has to live with them; but more importantly, because it’s none of your damn business.”

7. What does self-care even mean? by Shelby Knox

“I have to admit that I’ve often thought of self care as something other people need and deserve but not something that applies to me… I’ve been looking for tips to teach me how to internalize that I, individually, deserve to embrace and practice self care.”

8. Goodbye Dr. Morgentaler by Peggy

“Because of him, abortion is legal in this country and even though there’s a long way still to go, if I get pregnant that’s a pretty significant hurdle I don’t have to jump.”

9. Pregnant and I do not want to be by an anonymous writer

“Really, that’s how my mind works: You’re pregnant, for sure, you’re pissing on a stick in the morning, could you please pass the salt.”

10. Radical self-care by Dena

“All too often we, as activists, say ‘yes’ when we truly need a break and walk daily with the emotional stressors of activist work bearing on our shoulders.”


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