Finally, President Obama goes in on the choice for women in this election

17 Oct

It is the economy, stupid. And President Obama showed in last night’s debate that the economy and contraception are intricately linked.

It’s about time.

For women, the choice is clear, if you want a President that supports equal pay for equal work, President Obama is your man. If you want a President that has shown through ACTION and has not flipped his position on supporting Planned Parenthood, President Obama is your man. Because as President Obama showed that like contraception and abortion are economic issues. That when women have birth control, they will more likely be better off economically.

In fact, President Obama mentioned Planned Parenthood numerous times, unprompted and without being asked from a questioner. I think he was right to do that, because he does care and it shows he cares. His policies show he cares about women. Romney, not so much.

Weirdly, Romney managed to not only avoid answering whether women should get equal pay for equal work, he revealed he thinks of women as nothing more than the dinner cookers and child raisers.

Mitt Romney said, and I quote, ” I had binders of women brought to me,” when considering cabinet members as Massachusetts’ Governor. Binders full, huh? And then he suggested women need time to leave work and cook dinner. For the family. Because that’s their job, ya’ll. And President Obama brought it back to a discussion of choice, how choice enables women and families to have children, or not have children , when it is economically right for them to do so.

Mitt Romney said “I don’t believe employers can tell someone if they can have contraception or not,” but he’s promised to defund Planned Parenthood. So actually, Mitt, you DO believe employers and bureaucrats can control women’s right to contraception. Because you want to defund one of the biggest providers of sex education, reproductive care, abortion, and yes, contraception.

If those two comments don’t insult you, maybe you should watch the way he hovered menacingly over female audience members or moderator Candy Crawley. Not only does he have an ideological reticence to women’s issues, it would appear that he cannot relate to women unless he’s in a dominant position. That is a terrifying prospect, and one that I think will not go away so easily.

Obama did well last night and showed women why Mitt Romney and Republicans are bad for women in the workplace, the home, and women’s health. Because it’s all about the economy, and a woman’s right to choose when if or how to have children is absolutely an economic issue.

In many states, early voting has started. Go here to check whether you can vote early or where you can go to vote on November 7, 2012. And tell your friends! Spread the word: Mitt Romney is the wrong choice for women.

7 Responses to “Finally, President Obama goes in on the choice for women in this election”

  1. Debra October 17, 2012 at 3:38 pm #

    Glad to read this. There’s so much negativity about the president’s policies, it’s ridiculous. Good for you

  2. anonymous October 17, 2012 at 5:46 pm #

    Fortunately, the majority of thinking women realize that if the country goes down the crapper with Obama, there aren’t going to be any jobs for women (or men, for that matter). The sheer idiocy that women only care about Planned Parenthood, contraception, and abortion as issues in this campaign will be apparent soon. And please, quit trying to make an issue over the “binder” comment (non-issue) and the fact that some women want to go home and cook dinner for their kids… only makes you appear petulant and anti-choice (you know, like denigrating women who make the choice to take on traditional roles, even if they do work outside the home).

  3. Kaitlyn October 17, 2012 at 6:18 pm #

    Hi Anonymous,

    Since the majority of women in this country actually support President Obama ( when you said THINKING women don’t support him, you must mean that those of us who support him don’t think. Actually, the majority of Americans with a degree in higher ed also support President Obama. And the overlap there is pretty great too – more women now pursue higher education than men! I have to conclude President Obama is, in fact, the thinking woman’s choice, perhaps because employment rates have gone UP – across the board, but actually, higher for women than men – over the President’s term.

    You are correct. The “binder” comment – while being, unfortunately, a lie ( – IS a non-issue. But it’s FUN. OH, you have no idea how fun. The most fun. I spent most of today looking at funny binder memes. In an election cycle where my gender has been compared to barnyard animals, the “legitimacy” of rape is constantly being re-defined, and abortion access is being limited state by state, damn, friend, did I need a laugh. And you know what Romney is? He’s funny. He’s a ridiculous excuse for a candidate from a weak, ridiculous pool of candidates. I would have given anything for a campaign where we addressed the real issues in this country; I would like to see the President called out on drone warfare, the environment, and a number of other issues. But I got Romney instead. So I take my laughs where I can get them, and I will laugh at this until I think it’s not funny anymore.

    I just went and looked at some more memes. Still funny. I’ll get back to you.

    You’re right – some women go home and cook for their kids. In fact, SOME OF OUR WRITERS GO HOME AND COOK FOR THEIR KIDS. We respect, honor, and support that choice. But what Romney revealed for 12,867,529 time last night was that for him, that’s the go-to – that for him, supporting women in the workplace means, FIRST AND FOREMOST, allowing them to work full-time AND go home, cook dinner, and raise kids. Whew! Let’s keep the world that way. Two shifts for every woman!

    The question was about equal pay. He opposes the Lily Ledbetter Act. Since the question answered itself, he took the time to remind us all what our place is – at home, in the kitchen, with the kids. We support any woman or man who makes that their priority. And we want recognition for the millions and millions of us who have OTHER priorities, OTHER ways of living. That’s neither unreasonable nor petulant. And the fact that pointing out obvious gaffes and ridiculous associations that came from a presidential candidate at the debate last night freaks people out so much is a sign of the losing grip of the outdated, patriarchal notions so many people are still struggling to cling to.

    We’re having FUN with this election. We laugh all the time. You know why? Because we’re winning! The world is changing. We haven’t won yet, but we’re on our way, and nothing will turn this tide back. It feels great! It calls for jokes! Now we know why for decades, white men were the only ones considered funny. Man – winning puts a real smile on your face, and a happy binder joke in your heart, all day long.

  4. anonymous October 17, 2012 at 9:58 pm #

    I guess we will see on November 6th, Kaitlyn. I’ll respond to your comment then – but I doubt if it will get past the moderator.

  5. anonymous October 22, 2012 at 5:47 pm #

    Sorry, Kaitlyn – I couldn’t wait. 🙂

    Perhaps this would have answered the young woman’s question about equal pay. Women.Paid less by Obama then he pays men.

    • anonymous October 23, 2012 at 2:54 pm #

      *than he pays men.

  6. Kaitlyn October 24, 2012 at 11:26 am #

    Oh, “Anonymous,” I can understand how such a juicy “gotcha!” would be difficult to resist!

    No, you’re still wrong.

    The President signed the Lily Ledbetter Act, which is meant to help women seek restitution when they have not received equal pay FOR THE SAME WORK.

    In the Obama White House, WOMEN ARE PAID THE SAME AS MEN FOR DOING THE SAME JOB, and in many, though not all, instances (male nurses often make more than female nurses), this is the case.

    Across the country, unfortunately, women continue to be paid less than men – with a gap much larger than the one at the White House – because socially, work done by women, known as “pink collar” labor, has been systematically devalued. So social work, nursing, and teaching, all fields dominated by women, are low-paying jobs even though they require extensive training, long hours, schooling, and years of experience to master.

    Then, circularly, women and men are socially conditioned into certain fields. Men are encouraged to develop traits and go into fields that pay more, such as math, science, and finance, which is imaginary, while women are encouraged to go into “soft” fields like the humanities, and to be bank TELLERS instead of MANAGERS. These are mutually reinforcing.

    Women are paid less in the White House because in the White House, UNDER EVERY PRESIDENT, the work many women apply to do is work that is paid less because it is less valued. This is changing slowly, but a Romney presidency – I shudder to even say such a thing, like calling for Bloody Mary at a sleepover – would be one in which women’s “natural” place was emphasized – even women who have to work need to get home and cook dinner for the family, amirite? – and this problem would not only continue, it would worsen, setting back the work my colleagues and I do by decades.

    There, now I have just laid out for you, as though you are a small child, the basic Sociology of Employment, or, for those of us who pursue learning in any capacity, Soc 101. There is no excuse for my having to do this. This is a basic understanding of the way in which our society functions and I should not have to explain it to you. You, like so many people with unexamined privilege, are wasting the time of people like myself who have put in the effort to overcome ignorance and become a knowledgeable human being in the most basic way. Your comments will not be welcome again here until you offer me a level of intellectual engagement that is worthy of my time. And right now, you do not.

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