Around the Web in Abortion Access: September 7 Edition

7 Sep

This week at the Abortion Gang

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Abortion and Politics 
The DNC has all the women folk speaking! Which is amazing, but not quite good enough. Where were the women of color on prime time beside Michelle Obama? This was  is my own critique of the DNC that trotted out women like Sandra Fluke to speak to or on behalf of all women. Sorry, Fluke doesn’t stand for me. But her message to people in the USA is what needs to be said out loud, on prime time, over, and over, and over again.

Michelle Obama’s message to voters of color. 

Bill Clinton and Elizabeth Warren talked about hate, privilege, and poverty.

As Steph Herold noted on twitter last night, there were many signs at the convention asking for middle class equality, but what of the poor and very poor?

In sharp contrast to the last few days, the Republican National Convention in Tampa last week got under way with nary a mention of war or poverty, and managed to completely avoiding any information about Romney’s policy’s, taxes, and George W. Bush. Also, the RNC decided to officially make hardline, extreme anti-choice policies the central part of their nomination shindig.

Last week, Republican delegates from around the country approved the anti-abortion platform, and even though Romney is trying to distance himself from the unpopular embryos-are-more-important-than-women stance, his campaign approved the platform and the delegates voted the extreme anti-choice stance as the official party position.

Rick Santorum and Abortion, gross. 

From the LA Times: Does Ann Romney Really Know What Women Are Going Through? She spoke only to mothers, essentially removing women and people without children from the conversation. So, my guess is, no, she doesn’t know what women are going through. She totally transparently tried to cash in on the so -called “mommy wars.” She said, “YOU are the hope for America.” To all other women? Fuck off.

What we didn’t hear but understood immediately, is that Mrs. Romney’s speech essentially relegated all women that are not mothers by choice, don’t like/want/need monogamous partnership, are gay, lesbian, queer, trans*, questioning, who cannot have children, who do not want children, and/or basically any women without a kid are not important and in fact, are second class citizens. That’s my take, and I am not alone.  

In Colorado, ‘No Personhood’ campaign gets off the ground. 

Ann Friedman writes for New York Magazine about the ‘Penis Game’ in American politics. 

The long game on this is pretty bleak. Once the election is over, no matter who wins the presidency, reproductive rights battles will be fought over a couple of paragraphs affixed to a budget bill and other arcane legislative tidbits. Or in state-level legislation in places like North Dakota or Mississippi, which makes it hard to convince all women, nationwide, that their rights are at risk. It’s then that truly pro-choice Americans — those of us who’d rather let individual women decide which circumstances necessitate abortion — will cry foul. We’ll feel sold out. This isn’t why we voted for Democrats, we’ll protest. But we will have helped set the stage for this, each time we shared a crazy GOP abortion quote without trying to broaden the conversation beyond unwanted pregnancies that result from rape. Each time we shouted these men’s words back at them, instead of amplifying information on policies that directly affect women.

First Person Experiences and Abortion 

Thanks, Abortion! An entire site devoted to women writing about why they’re glad they had an abortion.  Aug 9, a woman named Rachel wrote, “I made the right decision for MYSELF and I’m not looking back.”

I Had An Abortion And I Don’t Regret It, an essay originally printed in CosmoGirl magazine.

Al Jazeera English has a new film out called ‘The Abortion War,’ a documentary chronically the so called “war on women” in the US and the USA’s political  history since Roe V. Wade. Laila Al-Arian of Al Jazeera English writes in the Huffington Post about why such a documentary would even be made.

We wanted to understand why this has come to be the case and to hear from the people at the center of this debate. We began filming our documentary months before Congressman Todd Akin’s controversial comments about rape, which he made in the context of discussing abortion. But when we started the project in April, it was clear that abortion — and even birth control — were already playing a prominent role in the 2012 election. This year, all of the Republican presidential hopefuls declared they were anti-abortion and both parties have released campaign ads about President Obama’s contraception mandate.

Abortion Access 

The better healthcare a person has, the less likely they are to have an abortion.

A school in Louisiana is forcing female students to take pregnancy tests- a gross violation of human rights.

One Response to “Around the Web in Abortion Access: September 7 Edition”

  1. ronado September 13, 2012 at 10:19 am #

    It is amazing how we have to go back on issues that we thought we had dealt with in the past and discarded. The issue of women and the deicision to choose is one issue that is not worth revisiting, because they are always old enough to choose. If one can get pregnant, she is old enough to choose what to do.

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