Romney and Ryan: Women, Pick Your Poison

13 Aug

Paul Rand, er, Ayn Ryan, I mean, Paul Ryan worked tirelessly for many years to create a budget proposal called the Path to Prosperity meant to rally the right around a budget and ideology that could carry the party back into power for years to come.

No one liked the Ryan plan, which cuts Medicare and turns the popular program into a voucher system.  Even Right Winger and Birther Donald Trump hated the proposal, for goodness sake. Alas, it died a fiery death, to no one’s surprise.

And no one has really talked about the Ryan proposal since its demise, until now.

Friday night, rumblings on twitter and the Huffington Post suggested Romney had selected Paul Ryan as his VP nominee. Saturday morning, Ryan ran out of a navy ship  to a podium where Romney accidentally introduced Ryan as the next President of the United States, only to call the slip a mistake a few moments later.

Before a tepid crowd Saturday morning stood a pair that could become  two of the most powerful people on earth.

For women, the prospect is downright terrifying. Let’s take a look at all the ways Romney and Ryan would roll back women’s rights.

Planned Parenthood: They’ll get rid of that.

Fertilized eggs could become Constitutionally-protected people.

Abortion will be re-criminalized, meaning women who have abortions and doctors who perform might go to jail.

All kinds of contraception, including various versions of the pill, could be outlawed. 

Medicaid, eliminated.

Medicare, buh bye. ‘Sup voucher system. 

Pell Grants for students? Those are gone, too. 

Own a house that you get a tax credit for? Tax credit no more. 

Student tax credit? Gone.

Romney is not concerned about the very poor because there are safety nets in place, except he elected a VP that would do away with said safety nets, so, the very poor: ya’ll out of luck.

No matter how you look at it, Romney, man of little respect for women and women’s rights, selected a guy with even less respect for women and women’s rights.  It is terrifying that Romney and Ryan could be in the West Wing together. So let’s help reelect President Obama and Vice President Joe Biden, and confirm, that yes Mitt , you did make a terrible mistake.


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