Obamacare Supports At-Risk Women and Pregnant Teens

9 Aug

Here’s some news that ought to send the abstinence only crowd into a tizzy of biblical proportions: Obamacare  includes a program called The Pregnancy Assistance Fund   (PAF) . PAF will allow states to offer funding and support for sex education, parenting classes, and contraception to pregnant and parenting teens. Supporting women:  this is what it looks like, folks.

PAF allows  groups and organizations around the country to keep their doors open via grants, which wouldn’t be available had Obamacare not included the provision. If Romney gets into the White House or the House of Representatives succeeds in repealing the constitutional health care bill, PAF will cease to exist and so will many places that rely upon the PAF program.

The organizations that receive grants from PAF offer services including domestic violence outreach, parenting support and instruction in-home, life-counseling,  and sex education. One group told Think Progress that PAF helps them help women that are pregnant or parenting to meet important personal goals.  For  many groups, the “war on women” is very real and they are experiencing the brunt of attacks on sex education funding. Since teen parents, and parents living in low income households, are increasingly at risk, the support from PAF grants is critical.

The United States Department of Health and Human Services’ Office of Adolescent Health has a page dedicated to the resources, grantees, and general information about the Pregnancy Assistance Fund, you can check it out here.

So, just to recap, the landmark health care overhaul passed and signed in 2010 by President Obama, the Affordable Healthcare Act,  requires employers to cover birth control at no additional copay (preventive medicine), makes it illegal for insurers to charge women higher premiums for just being women, makes discrimination against trans folks in healthcare plans illegal,  and has funds to help teen parents.

Ya damn right, Obama cares.


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