Around the Net in Abortion Access: August 8 Edition

8 Aug

Over the weekend, I spent some time out of town getting some much needed R&R only to return to news that a peaceful group of people praying fell victim to a “white supremacist,” hate-rock singing, mass murdering, domestic terrorist.  The hate rock scene is something rarely talked about, but a former professor of mine wrote about the history and influence of the scene and gives a little insight into the world of these white supremacists.  It’s a fair examination without all the ableist crap read in stories about the “crazy lone-ranger gunman shooting up a group of people he thought were Muslim,” as if shooting a group of Muslims is acceptable, or something.

Good news in Wichita, the judge on anti-abortion harraser’s case refuses to throw out the case.  She sent a doctor training to perform abortions a note saying she should check her car for a bomb every day, just in case. I mean, that’s FREE SPEECH. Except it’s not, and I’m happy the judge is not falling for any of this anti-abortion domestic terrorist’s wild claims. She seriously tried to argue that the case be thrown out because she didn’t technically threaten an abortion provider because the doctor she threatened doesn’t actually perform abortions yet. O RLY.

Sandra Fluke, the woman Rush Limbaugh called a slut for attempting to speak at a hearing about birth control, is going to campaign with President Obama in Colorado. 

In totally unsurprising news,  “Obamacare” covers people on their parent’s insurance plans until the age of 26, but pregnancy of a dependent is still not covered. Even though many are hyperventilating about this fact, it is not a departure from the norm. When I was 17 and pregnant (8 years ago), my dad’s insurance company dropped me, too. It sucks, but blame Obama? No.

Texas: where the Governor has nothing else to do but continue to finagle illegal and totally-not-going-to-happen cuts/defunding of Planned Parenthood, and where doctors may not even be able to discuss abortion with patients if new restrictions go through.

Some doctor running for a congressional seat in Ohio is calling President Obama “Hitler” and charging that Obama has “blood on his hands” in reference to him … I dunno, refusing to cut funding to Planned Parenthood, I guess.

History has a way of repeating itself: Stalin, Hitler, Mao Tse Tung and now Obama!!!”

It’s always been a weird concept for me to grasp,that  if one is not purely anti-abortion (a.k.a. anti-woman) in  all instances , many anti-choice activists and law makers make this charge of having “blood” of the unborn on one’s hands. I honestly wish President Obama was more pro-choice, but that’s another post entirely. Anyway, it makes little sense to blame President Obama for women’s rights (damn those pesky women folk with rights and such!)  and to level public anti-semitic and very insensitive charges against the President in a very triggering way.

Speaking of President Obama, his campaign has released a new television ad to air  in several battle ground states, that hits Romney on his promise to cut funding for Planned Parenthood and Romney’s overall bad, super-shady record on women’s rights. Considering the direction of the far right and Romney’s incessant and pathetic need to pander to the far right, having Romney in the White House would be disastrous for women’s rights. I’m so glad President Obama’s campaign is spotlighting this fact.

A man running for Congress in Minnesota plans to run graphic anti-abortion ads. Because nothing says, “I’m all about jobs” like flashing pictures of intellectually dishonest photographs of fetuses.

And on a final, positive note, support this young woman’s campaign to make sure pregnant teens aren’t kicked out of school.

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