Around the Web in Abortion Access: July 15 Edition

15 Jul

Ah, our weekly collection of abortion stories, articles, and news  has arrived once again. What better way to start off  than with this lovely picture courtesy of the Guttmacher Institute!

So obviously in saying “lovely” I mean disturbing, gross, disgusting, and scary.  In case the picture isn’t clear, that squiggly line represents the number of laws restraining abortion access in per year. Wow. Good work, “we’re all about jobs,” Congresspeople!  All over the country, you’re doing SO WELL at keeping people out of poverty. Except, no, you’re not doing that at all. Evidence.

Next topic before I commit harm to my computer and/or I start typing so fast that my fingers catch fire…

This week at Abortion Gang: The New Public Face of Abortion | An Open Letter to Jezebel | An Open Letter to Melinda Gates 

Apparently, defunding Planned Parenthood and  placing as many financial and social restrictions to abortion access as possible is  just not enough for Texas law makers. Now, it’s essentially illegal for doctors in the state to
even MENTION abortion to patients.I still can’t wrap my head around the notion that seems so pervasive among anti-choice law makers suggesting that if everyone just pretends that abortion isn’t a viable and acceptable option, it won’t happen. The reality is that the more restrictions to safe and legal abortion care placed upon women, the more likely women and child bearers are to obtain unsafe abortions that harm their health. The definition of religions mercy and care, I’m sure.

The New York Times reports that Mississippi’s lone abortion-providing clinic will remain open.

Speaking of New York, a new report indicates increased abortion restrictions around the country are driving patients to New York to obtain safe and legal abortion care. On the good side of this news, at least there is a PLACE to go in this country to get an abortion. Sadly, on the bad side, may I ask how expensive is it to travel to NYC? Oh yeah, that’s right, at least a $1000.00 and that is for a cheap  trip, NOT including the cost of the abortion itself.  So I say this is a net negative and just more proof that abortion restrictions don’t actually stop abortions from occurring, only drive desperate people to increasingly desperate outlets-like traveling from the deep south up to NYC- to get medical care.

Condi Rice is “pro-choice” according to a 2008 interview, and now conservative political comentators are mouth-breathing and teeth-gnashing amid the news that Romney may want to elect her as his Vice-Presidential nominee. He’s giving something up in in elecitng a pro-choice VP, they say. Well, fine, but really, the cynic in me says he’s only floating the idea of Condi-the-VP to ward off the rampant bad news about his -lies- history at Bain Capital.

Ok, trying to find some good news: Robin at RH Reality Check has a nice article on why the First Amendment shouldn’t cover deceptive tactics from CPCs to attract pregnant women searching for all pregnancy and/or parenting options.

Melinda Gates and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation support birth control and family planning around the world. Love them. 

Gov. Nixon of Missouri vetoes a bill that would allow employers to deny coverage of contraception and abortion service based upon moral or religious standing. That’s good news, and in his statement, he reaffirmed that he respects both religious and individual freedom.

For employees whose companies have chosen to invoke our religious or moral protections, current law also ensures that women and families who want contraceptive coverage can get it – a right that I also support. Our existing law protects religious liberties – and it respects individual rights. The current law was passed overwhelmingly. It’s been on the books for years. And it works.

To conclude, I will leave you with this: There is a Medicare fraud investigation that is centered around reimbursement for penis pumps.  Yeah.

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