Egg Donation Update: Hormone Shots

2 Jul

Day 5 of the hormone shots and all is quiet on the western front. By that, I mean that aside from some sleep issues, I have yet to go crazy and murder anyone, or even yell at anyone unnecessarily. In fact, the only weird thing that’s going on is that I’ve been able to think a little more rationally about my ex-boyfriend (who I work with… sucks), and I finally told him off (he wants to be “friends,” I don’t.) It’s the oddest sensation. Normally, hormonal things are just awful for me, so I was truly expecting the worst.

So, I was at work yesterday, teaching trampoline (like you do), and it can be a stressful job, given that I’m fully responsible for the safety of my students and I have to try to clearly communicate things that are very, very challenging to verbalize. Anyway, I’m working, having more fun than is normal for a 96o degree day on top of a roof teaching people how not to be idiots on a thing that could kill them, and all the sudden I’m panicked that the drugs aren’t working and there won’t be any eggs. Random fits of anxiety over things that are entirely beyond my control are not out of the ordinary for me, so this was normal. I was like… uh, am I supposed to be feeling so GOOD? Why don’t I want to kill anyone or sleep all the time (side effects that one of my friends who is also an egg donor described)? But I was pretty easily able to soothe myself, and I didn’t harp on the anxiety for as long as is typical. I’m telling you guys, this is so weird!

I should have just waited until this morning before freaking out about the meds not working, because I have 8 or 9 small, uniformly sized baby eggs developing in each ovary. The doctor was psyched. Apparently that’s a slightly better than normal number of eggs, and their uniformity in size is ideal. I even asked her if I was supposed to be feeling weird at all, and she said that if I’m not, so much the better.

So, tomorrow (or the day after) I will start 2 doses/day of the Follistim, which will be given at the same time each morning. I’ll start to have blood work more regularly and more sonograms (I’m so sick of sonograms you guys). And then my retrieval is on the 9th! Keep me in your thoughts, and thanks for the positive vibes!


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