Egg donation update: Almost time!

26 Jun

My egg donation cycling starts in 3 days. I’m excited, nervous, and ready for it to be done.

First of all, not having sex for the past 8 weeks has sucked, and I still have 3 more weeks to go. Yeah, that’s right. They ask you to remain abstinent the ENTIRE time you’re in the program, especially around the time when you start your fertility hormone shots, and then for a week or so after. It makes sound medical sense, and I wouldn’t want to risk getting pregnant or getting an STD while I’m doing this, but… come on! I broke up with my boyfriend of 3 years a little while ago, and frankly, I’d like to get laid.

I’m also totes nervous about what the hormones might do to me. I’ve heard horror stories about women going temporarily nuts while they’re on the hormones. Also, hyperstimulation. That’s a thing. It is basically when your body gets overwhelmed by the medication that’s used to stimulate your ovaries, and your abdomen can fill with fluid (usually around your ovaries, but it can be other places too). Here is one woman’s story of hyperstimulation. Tell me that shit isn’t scary sounding. Go ahead. Tell me.

You’re lying. That’s scary and uncomfortable and just horrible.

The weird part is that I’m not super concerned that it will actually happen to me. But if it does!!! Eep!

Last night was my last night on birth control pills (which, truth be told, I hate taking. I’m an athlete and they can interfere with muscle building… so I feel all fat and jiggly when I’m on them), and on Thursday at 8am, I start my shots.

The end of my year long quest to become an egg donor is in sight. Totally psyched though, because if this one goes well, I can donate 5 more times. Fingers crossed!


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