A Case Study in How to Correct an Internet Mistake

4 Jun

We spend a lot of time calling out both anti-choice and pro-choice movement bullshit here on this blog. You could say we pride ourselves on it. Just as important, though, is commending organizations who own up to their mistakes and correct them. I want to share a quick and painless interaction I had today with Ms. magazine on twitter as a case study of how to appropriately respond to an internet mistake.

Ms. tweeted a link to a piece they called, “Is trans feminism possible?” This title erases decades of trans* feminisms: activism, scholarship, study  (see herehere, and here for some history of trans* feminisms). The feminist and trans* communities have a complex history, and this title exacerbates that tension by calling into question the very existence of the trans* feminist communities. So I did what I often do when I get angry. I tweeted.

To which they responded:


And they changed the title of the piece. They didn’t troll me. They didn’t ask for links to prove my point. They acknowledged that they screwed up, fixed their mistake, and moved on. Thank you Ms. magazine for being classy, for acknowledging your mistakes and fixing them promptly. That’s how it’s done, folks.


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