Utah wants you to wait 72 hours before having an abortion

6 Mar

Here we go again. I just got word that Utah passed a bill through their state house that would require a 72-hour waiting period before a woman can have an abortion. This is by far one of the most restrictive abortion waiting periods bills short of a personhood amendment and it is scary to think it will likely become law. In fact, only one other state, the infamous South Dakota, thinks so little of women to require a 72-hour waiting period.

Forget for a moment that making a woman wait for a legal medical procedure for three days is likely to induce mental anguish and unnecessary suffering, let’s talk about how fucked up it is that these conservative state houses around this country keep passing these bills. You know the bills I speak of, the ultrasound requirement bills, the waiting periods, the parental consent. Each type of bill is presented under the auspice that women need a legislator to help them make a tough decision because women really don’t know what they are getting into when they elect to terminate a pregnancy.

Well, guess what? Yes, women are actually entirely capable of deciding to terminate a pregnancy without a waiting period, viewing a screen, or hearing a heartbeat. Women know what they want and what they feel is right for their bodies, their families, and their lives.

Utah law-makers may say this is about “helping women making tough choices,” but really, it is about creating more restrictions to a legal medical procedure in order to please their voters, religious sponsors, and narrow-minded moral agenda.

There is no way in hell mandating a 72-hour waiting period is about doing what is right for women, because if they really cared about women’s mental health and ability to make tough choices, they would LET THEM MAKE THOSE CHOICES WITHOUT STIGMA, WAITING PERIODS, OR JUDGEMENT.

No Utah woman should have to wait for three. fucking. days to have a procedure that is her personal right to legally obtain. Yet, Utah wants to make her wait, cause her pain, and probably undue suffering in order satisfy their belief systems. There is nothing moral, helpful, or good about Utah’s stance because making a woman wait three days is cruel.

Let us not be silent.

Just like we have all come together to stand up to Rush Limbaugh’s misogyny and are pressuring his sponsors to stop funding his hate; just as we worked so tirelessly to keep Mississippi’s personhood amendment from passing by massive voter education and get-out-the-vote-efforts , we have to stand together once again to get rid of Utah’s attempt to legislate women’s right to obtain a legal medical procedure.

Please know that no act is too small. This bill is not yet law because it still has to make it through the Utah State Senate. Tweet, email, or call Utah’s Senators and voters. Tweet, facebook, and speak your outrage. Get the word out, NO 72-Hour Waiting Period for Utah Woman!

If you are looking for another way to help: donate to a national abortion fund to help Utah women maintain access to abortion. Better yet, start an abortion fund in Utah so that women can afford to get the care they need!


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