Egg Donation: A Lesson in Patience

14 Sep

A friend of mine, and fellow blogger here, gave me some words of wisdom a short while back regarding this whole egg donation business. She said “The coordinators are always enthusiastic about placing people. I was more realistic about how long I thought my placement would take, since I’m very short. Honestly, the process took about 6 months before a match was confirmed.”

A lesson in realism and patience. It’s been 3 months since I started working with Columbia, and 2 months since I had my physical. I’ve been matched with potential recipients twice. So far, no takers. It’s tough to sit and wait. And it is worse when they call you and tell you that in 2 weeks, you may be starting the process. Then 2 weeks go by with no news, and it’s a huge let down.

Part of what sucks is how excited my coordinator was. She told me flat out that there would be “no issues with placing me really quickly.” What she didn’t specify is what she meant by “really quickly.” My old coordinator suggested that “quickly” could be a matter of weeks. I was already skeptical heading into Columbia, but still. It’s frustrating, because you can’t talk to the recipients and tell them how awesome you really are. And it’s humbling, because these families are choosing someone else, and you will never know why.

I’m lucky to live in a huge city where there are lots of places for me to try to get matched. And I plan on applying to NYU next. The more locations that I can use, the better my chances are. But at this point, I’m getting a little downtrodden about the whole thing. It’s not like I dwell on it everyday or anything, but once a week or so, someone who knows that I’m trying to do this asks about my matches. It sucks to tell them that I wasn’t chosen.

So, for those of you out there who are thinking about becoming egg donors, consider the waiting game. And for those of you somewhere along in the process, good luck! I hope that you are matched soon.

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