Memorial Day Round-Up: Service Women and Abortion Access

30 May

“My patient Carol was excited to give birth to her first child. Her husband was a Marine serving in Afghanistan. Sadly, in her second trimester, Carol learned that her baby had a lethal anomaly. She and her husband made the difficult decision to have an abortion.

That’s when they learned that the military health insurance they relied on wouldn’t cover the abortion unless Carol’s life was in danger.

Her husband was outraged. He had just flown back from Afghanistan to be with her, and he angrily asked me, ‘I’m over there defending my country, and they won’t even take care of my family?'”—Nancy Stanwood, MD, MPH, Physicians for Reproductive Choice and Health

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One Response to “Memorial Day Round-Up: Service Women and Abortion Access”

  1. Jameson May 31, 2011 at 5:26 am #

    So much for “supporting our troops,” eh? Seems this country only supports veterans when it’s convenient. The rest of the time we just pay lip service to our servicepeople and then go back to the barbecues and beaches.

    Our military men and women deserve far better than this.

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