H.O.T.D.I.S.H Militia Serves Up Reproductive Justice, Midwest style

5 Apr

“…it may be the real reason we are here: to love each other and to eat each other’s cooking and say it was good {while raising funds for pregnant folks with lower incomes to access abortion care – fuck yeah!}”

–        Brian Andreas, with my additional comments

Have y’all ever heard of or been to a bake-off?

How’s about a hotdish bake-off?

How’s about a hotdish bake-off where all the proceeds benefit a grassroots abortion fund?!

Well if you reside relatively near or hail from the great shores of that big blue badass Lake Superior AND support reproductive justice, you might be gettin’ like real excited right about now.

Supermoon Saturday, March 19th marked the 8th Annual H.O.T.D.I.S.H. (hand over the decision it should be hers) Militia Bake-Off in Duluth, Minnesota, the place I called home for the past five years.  I am a super cra-zee ridiculously proud member of the HOTDISH Militia and could not be more tickled to be pluggin’ (shamelessly) on our magnificent Midwestern manifestation of young queer grassroots RJ activism at its hottest and most delish.

So what’s a bake-off right?  Well in HOTDISHland it goes a lil’ sumthin’ like this: the Northland’s finest fighters for RJ lay down their finest moves in the kitchen and bring their best hotdish creation to be voted on by local judges in four categories: lutheran ladies, vegetarian, ethnic and dessert.  Hotdish bakers pay to register their dish, hotdish enthusiasts pay to grub and all the $ raised goes to fund access to abortion for pregnant folks in the Northland.  Throw in custom designed trophies for the champions and a RJ legislative update by Stacey Burns, Social Media Coordinator for the National Network of Abortion Funds, then finish it off with folks getting’ down to jams on the church basement dance floor.  That, my friends, is our take on the bake-off.

his year we also had Militia embroidered aprons and recipes zines featuring goodies from local and national fabulous feminists who support the Militia.  We are workin’ on figurin’ a way to sell our merch online, so be sure to check up on that soon!

In addition to the bake-off, we have done lots of other fucking awesome organizing.  Not yet added to the site is our participation in the NNAF bowl-a-thon and our 1st FIERCE alleycat road race for RJ that pedaled the streets of Duluth during PRIDE weekend 2010.

The Militia was born the day Senator Paul Wellstone crossed over.  Check out more on our our “herstory” here.

Last words (from our site):

“In honor of the folks who have come before us seeking justice, access and well-being for all, the amazing Multitude of absolutely radical individuals laying it down everyday for the RJ movement, and the late Paul Wellstone, we do this work.”


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