The Continued Attack on Reproductive Rights

21 Mar

After a myriad of attacks on women’s reproductive rights in recent weeks, we find another attack on pro-choice high school students. Catholic high school students in Ontario, Canada were suspended for wearing strips of tape saying the word “choice.” According to Globe and Mail, there were students at the high school wearing tape that read “life” as part of a Day of Silent Solidarity to raise funds for anti-abortion groups. In response to this, twenty-four students wore tape reading the word “choice” and were sent home by school officials.

According to the school, the students were banned because they didn’t attain permission beforehand for their demonstration. Now, not only are bills being passed nationwide to infringe on women’s rights to access safe and healthy abortions and to simply choose, students are seemingly being punished for advocating pro-choice views.

Has anyone heard of any other stories similar to this?


One Response to “The Continued Attack on Reproductive Rights”

  1. Alicia March 21, 2011 at 4:09 pm #

    I’ve read a few things about this (I’ve found it rather hard to keep track of because no one seems to be reporting on it). The funny thing is, everyone else has said that these students were largely non-disruptive. They argued with faculty when told to go home, but no one has said anything about profanity or outright insubordination. Until you read LifeNews, of course, where these demon children attacked and degraded their poor teachers and fellow students.

    Yeah, right…And my pillow just turned into a hippo and learned to fly.

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