It is Her Choice

25 Feb

What’s your story?

What makes you pro-choice?  Why is it so vital to you that you can make your own choices about your body?

Here on the Abortion Gang blog we have spent nearly a year discussing why we are pro choice, why anti abortion legislation hurts women, and how you can support women’s right to access a safe and legal abortion.

But we are one small group of activists, and based on last week’s House vote to strip Planned Parenthood of funding for necessary medical procedures like Pap smears (which have nothing to do with abortion), we need to be louder.

We need your voices.

Please join us on the new Facebook page, It’s Her Choice, to speak out on why the decision to have an abortion or to have a baby is something that is up to each and every individual woman.  Share your abortion stories, why you are pro choice, and how we can all combat the seemingly tireless wave of anti choice legislation at the state and federal levels.

“Come out” about your abortion, about how you feel about abortion, and make it okay for us to fight for the right to it.  Pap smears are necessary but so is abortion.  Right now, though, women may be comfortable talking about pap smears, cervical cancer, and even birth control pills, but not saying the word “abortion.”  It’s Her Choice is a first step toward changing that.

If you value your rights to your own body, if you would want your sisters, your daughters, your friends, to be able to have an abortion or get a prescription for birth control pills if they needed them, then the time to speak out is NOW.  Tell your legislators, tell your friends and family members, tell the world that there is no room for compromise when it comes to something as basic as quality medical care. 

Start at It’s Her Choice to find out more.

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