16 and Loved: Supporting Women Who Have Had Abortions

22 Dec

“I just found out I’m 20 weeks pregnant and can’t afford this baby. I lost my job and have no insurance. No clinic around me can do the procedure. I’m spending all my money to travel to NYC to get to a clinic that can help me. No idea how I’ll pay for it once I’m there.”

“My dad is a cop and will kill me if he finds out I’m pregnant. I have $100 from my allowance but the abortion’s gonna cost $400.”

“I went to the clinic today and they told me I need another $125 by tomorrow to have the procedure. I already sold my laptop and put off paying my rent and electric bill. If I wait another week, the price goes up.”

Stories like these are what we hear every day on New York Abortion Access Fund hotline. We support women by helping fund their abortions, making sure that money is not an obstacle getting the reproductive health care they need. We do this on a volunteer basis, like so many abortion funds, with different board member answering phone calls every week. We do everything we can to support women financially in the abortion process. What happens, though, when a woman needs more than just financial support for her abortion experience?

That is where fabulous organizations like Exhale and Backline come in. Both of these orgs provide compassionate, non-judgmental, FREE counseling to women and their families before and after an abortion. As if that wasn’t enough, Exhale specifically is launching a campaign called 16 and Loved to support the young women who are telling their abortion stories on MTV’s No Easy Decision, a program that’s airing on December 28 at 11:30pm EST.

It takes courage to call an abortion fund and ask for help. It takes courage to tell your friends, your family about your abortion. It takes tremendous courage to share your abortion story on national television. Show these women that you are proud of them, that you support them, that you honor their brave decisions by writing them a short message. Show them that they are 16 and loved.


3 Responses to “16 and Loved: Supporting Women Who Have Had Abortions”

  1. placenta sandwich December 22, 2010 at 2:25 pm #

    This is beautiful! Thanks for sharing, I’ll do this.


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