Antis Will Not Take Responsibility

10 Dec

Antichoicers are always talking about how women need to take responsibility. They say women should take responsibility for avoiding pregnancy either by not having sex or using contraceptives (though only a few mention the latter). They say women who are pregnant have to take responsibility by carrying to term (never mind that having an abortion is taking responsibility). They attack women who they deem have not taken responsibility (women who abort, women who get pregnant, women who get pregnant while taking birth control, etc).

But do antichoicers apply their strict brand of responsibility to themselves? Of course not.

Some anti-choicers and anti-choice groups have decided to attack Dr. Carhart as he works in a Maryland clinic. Their goal is to have Dr. Carhart kicked out of the building by the other businesses there because of the protesting. The anti-choicers figure if they hurt the other businesses enough by making a big deal with their fake abortion pictures, the businesses will think it is Dr. Carhart’s fault and ask him to leave.

But we all know, the actions and signs of the protestors are not Dr. Carhart’s fault. He did not force any of the protestors to stand outside his clinic. This is simply a case of the anti-choicers refusing to take responsibility. They even practically say so themselves!

“Mahoney said he’s not bringing unwanted attention to Germantown and all of Maryland, instead pointing the finger at Carhart.”

“Pointing the finger at Carhart.” The anti-choicers are acting like children, pointing their finger and saying “it’s his fault!” even when they are to blame. They refuse to acknowledge that THEY are the ones bringing unwanted attention to the building complex. They refuse to take responsibility for the fact that THEY are the ones waving giant fake abortion pictures all over, making people uncomfortable. If the women of Maryland did not want Dr. Carhart’s services, he would not be there. But they do need his services, and he is there- quietly and respectfully, inside the clinic.

Anti-choicers need to take responsibility for their actions, and own up to the fact that they are the ones causing all the chaos in Maryland. Anti-choicers are the ones who are harming women trying to obtain a legal medical procedure.

4 Responses to “Antis Will Not Take Responsibility”

  1. Alicia December 10, 2010 at 2:30 pm #

    Don’t forget Operation Rescues unwillingness to own up to Schroeder’s actions or the actions of the handful of maniacs who stalk, threaten, injure and try to kill abortion providers every year and bomb clinics. Because they’ve never put out wanted posters, right? The doctors did that.

  2. Steph L. December 10, 2010 at 2:34 pm #

    I’m so thrilled that Dr. Carhart is in my state! My clinic escort group is still working the specifics on working with that clinic but I honestly hope to go there and help out soon.

  3. Taylor December 10, 2010 at 3:16 pm #

    @ Alicia

    Yes. Antis love their freedom of speech, but they won’t own the consequences.


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