Selling Anti-Choice

3 Dec

If you’ve ever watched late night TV, you’ve certainly seen those really horrible infomercials making claims that you just know can’t be true. They tend to make those claims because they know they have a hard sell. The best way to sell something that people don’t want to buy is to create a “problem” the viewer doesn’t know they have, misrepresent your product, and simplify the solution. These tactics aren’t just used by the guy selling the ridiculous and totally useless products, they are also used by anti-choicers.

First, they create a problem nobody knew about – women are murdering their children. Apparently 1,248,300 American babies a year. You tell people that there is this huge problem of women killing babies. Now these babies aren’t born, but that doesn’t matter because it’s a human (just like my skin cells) and these women are just sluts, out sleeping with every man they can. So the problem is slutty women killing babies. A problem that nobody knew was out there.

Second, you misrepresent your product. The “pro-life” product is saving the lives of innocent babies from death because they are an inconvenience to their slutty mothers. The “only” thing pro-life is asking is that women do what they are biologically made for and carry the baby for 9 months until it’s born, then she can adopt. It really isn’t that much of an inconvenience to not be able to drink coffee, eat soft cheese or fish, barf regularly, gain weight, lose sight of your feet, oh and maybe risk your life. I mean really, that is what women are madefor. So why can’t they just implement the oh-so-easy pro-life request of carrying to term. After all, it’s wonderful being pregnant – just ask all those glowy moms!

Thirdly, simplify the solution. The only thing that needs to be done to convince those women to keep their adorable babies is to have an ultrasound. I mean really, it’s just an ultrasound, right? And after all, pro-life has really dubious believable statistics,

90% of women who have an ultrasound first, change their minds about going through with the abortion. 3800 abortions are preformed every day in America and by making ultrasounds mandatory, we would save 3,420 lives every day.

All pro-life is asking for is that these women who clearly have no idea what they want, is have a totally non-invasive ultrasound, see their little peanut, fall in love and 90% won’t have the abortion!

More American babies in just 3 EASY STEPS! Solving a problem you didn’t even know existed super simply!


Here’s the problem. These ultrasounds are expensive. They force women to pay hundreds of dollars out of pocket for an ultrasound so they can see that the size of a few-week old fetus looks nothing like a human being. Even if the ultrasounds were free, forcing women who have decided to have the abortion to have one for the purpose of coercing encouraging them to change their minds often just adds to their guilt. Most women don’t in fact change their minds when they see an ultrasound.

Not only have the pro-lifes created this ‘problem’ of women murdering their children, apparently up to age 2, they misrepresent their product – only being pregnant for 9 months, and they simplify the solution – just an ultrasound – which is totally ineffective.

Here’s the thing: pro-choice has a legitimate solution. Give women knowledge and access to birth control. Give them control over their bodies – stop the culture that allows rape to persist. Support women who want to have the child, but can’t afford another. And when all else fails, trust women to make the right decision for their lives. I am 100% certain that with a pro-choice majority in every government, we could reduce abortion in America by a HUGE percentage within a year. I am 100% positive that pro-choice has the only legitimate solution to abortion. Except people only want to listen to the pro-life sales pitch, telling them about a non-existent problem with a ‘simple’ solution because it is just as captivating as the midnight infomercial.


3 Responses to “Selling Anti-Choice”

  1. nosleepingdogs December 4, 2010 at 11:23 pm #

    Well put. I followed your link to the article (“Saving 1,248,300 American Babies Per Year“) you are referencing. It says that “90% of women who have an ultrasound first, change their minds about going through with the abortion.“ I’d bet, given your contradicting data, that their figures are collected at anti-abortion clinics, where the ultrasound is not a medical procedure but an opportunity to propagandize a woman who’s in a very vulnerable situation.In a neutral setting, probably typical at the clinics whose data you referred to, the woman is not pressured for or against abortion, and makes her own decision.

    Most troubling to me is the complete lack of concern for the welfare of unwanted children, or children in poor stressed families. Once that baby is born, these people could care less. Very compassionate.


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