For Choice: A Poem

1 Dec

It’s time to fight the propaganda
For there is far too much to lose,
In this deadly war their waging
To steal a woman’s right to choose!

Welcome to the dialog,
Unpolluted by false facts.
I know you’re unaccustomed
To receiving truth like that.
Because for many decades now
All across this nation,
The pool of truth has been diluted
By their misinformation.
They scream out about murder.
They insult and they berate.
Without any consideration for
What brought on this twist of fate.
Then they argue it’s morality
Which feeds all they have done,
But their actions paint another picture,
A more damaging one.
One where their moral definitions
Are used to control our lives.
Where it doesn’t matter what occurs
So long as the fetus survives.
Forget about the woman
Here she gets no sympathy,
For she’s nothing to them but
A flesh and blood baby factory…

This picture’s far from moral,
Dress it up any way you like,
It’s simply subjugation…
An attack on women’s rights!

Welcome to the dialog
Untainted by these false facts,
That they’ve used for generations
To wage their indecent attacks.
Because for many decades now
From sea to shining sea,
Their disgusting lies have worked
To distort what we believe.
They prey on those in crisis
They use fear and intimidation.
These are not the approaches
Of reasonable populations.
Yet they claim to be walking
Upon the higher moral ground,
But when looking at their actions,
This high road looks further down.
When it punishes the victims,
Increasing the pain they must endure,
Then the intentions that pave this road
Are anything but pure.
So let us drop the subtext, shall we
And look to their movement’s core?
It’s all about reproductive control
And absolutely nothing more!

This road is far from moral,
And in truth has little height.
But that tends to be the case
When you’re out to steal another’s rights!
So as long as you are on this road,
Then collectively you’ll hear our voice
Because we refuse to just sit back
And let you take a woman’s choice!



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