What We Are Thankful For

25 Nov

As pro-choice activists, as humans, we have a lot to be thankful for. I asked my fellow Abortion Gang bloggers what they’re most grateful for this holiday and this is what they said, in no particular order:

I’m thankful Twitter exists connecting me to so many cool feminists.

I am thankful that my passion is also my profession.

I’m thankful for reproductive justice activist allies of my generation, like Abortion Gang founder Steph Herold, for doing revolutionary, world changing work and putting the strength of their convictions out there in new, revolutionary ways. I’m thankful for my young feminist family for always being there to work out kinks in my thinking, to think out kinks in the movement, and laugh with me until I cry or cry with me until I laugh.

I’m thankful for older reproductive freedom fighters, like Gloria Steinem, who recognize young activists as equal co-collaborators and emerging revolutionaries and do everything in their power to support us, to understand and listen to and respect us, and to gently nudge us toward organizing and thinking even bigger and better.

I’m thankful for the providers who, to quote Ani DiFranco, “daily provide women with a choice, who stare down a threat the size of Oklahoma City to listen to a young woman’s voice. ” I’m thankful for the strong reproductive justice activists who escort patients through hordes of screamers to the clinic door, who open their homes and their wallets and their hearts to help women get the money for an abortion, who teach sex education classes and become doulas and take to the internet to refute anti-choice lies.

I’m thankful for the words “reproductive justice,” for the term and the movement that respects and advocates for women and men of all races, classes, ages, abilities and sexualities to be able to control their bodies.  I’m thankful for this movement’s loud insistence that all oppressions are connected and therefore must be uprooted together, at the same time. I believe the bedrock of all social justice work is the truth that each of us is equally human and that shared condition is something to celebrate, to organize and act around, and to be thankful for most of all.

I’m thankful for the daily opportunity to educate others on the rights and needs of women.

I’m glad for antichoicers who treat me like a human being when we have discussions instead of attacking me and refusing respect me.

I am thankful to be alive and well off enough to be able to fight for those who are not as privileged as I am. I am also thankful for the people who are fighting beside me for the people who are suffering the horrors of this world. Those people are the ones who make it possible to see the plethora of great and beautiful things that we have here on Earth.

I am thankful for my wonderful and supportive family who encourage and support my online and offline pro-choice activism. I am thankful for every physician who decided to go into this field of work(reproductive service including abortion). I am thankful to be sitting in my comfortably heated home – I am Blessed In many ways. Lastly, I’m thankful for all of you . You each inspire me deeply.

I’m thankful for the awesome people on this blog, and in this movement, who remind me there are many people in the world who value and are willing to fight for sexual rights.  These people show me that no matter how hard the anti’s try to make it seem like everyone is against us, they’re wrong.  Even in these uncertain political times, the multitude of support and just all around awesomeness that exists within the pro-choice community keeps me going, and I am truly thankful for that.

I’m thankful for my family and friends who support me. I’m thankful to have a job that I love. I’m thankful to live in the best city in the world, where there are so many opportunities to make a difference. I’m thankful to the Abortion Gang for accepting me into this community, and for the advice, stories and blogs that we share. I am thankful for the voices that we raise and for the hard work that those of you who work in the field are doing. You’re the best.

I think I am most thankful for my boyfriend. I know that sounds corny, but he really has made me a better feminist in general. He challenges me and forces me to come up with better arguments. He has read almost every one of my blog posts. I always know that he is supportive, but he won’t say nice things just for the sake of it. And he won’t hold back criticisms. I may not always like what he has to say, but he is usually right.

I am also grateful for Abortion Gang and all my other online pro-choice friends. I know that if I ever need an abortion I will be enveloped by a community of caring people who, even though they may never meet me, will understand.

I’m thankful for Abortion Gang and all of its wonderful bloggers who laughed and cried with me when I discovered, upon moving to a new city with a depleted bank account, that I needed to have an abortion for the second time in three years.  I’m thankful for their kind words and the silly pictures they sent me of their extremely cute dogs.  I’m thankful for every ride to the clinic they offered, every margarita they promised to drink with me afterward, and every email they sent
just to make sure I was okay.  I’m thankful for the fact that, because of the amazing people at Abortion Gang, I had lists of providers and reproductive health resources within minutes of disclosing my situation.  I’m thankful that, because of Abortion Gang, I had a doctor’s appointment and financial assistance within one week of taking that dreaded pregnancy test.  I’m thankful that, because of Abortion Gang, I met four of the most compassionate providers and providers-in-training I’ve ever known.  I’m thankful for Abortion Gang, because they enveloped me in pro-choice internet love, and I really don’t know what I would’ve done without them.

I’m thankful for the amazing people in my life. Some days I’m just so overwhelmed by how much I love the people around me, I think it can’t even be fair to be so lucky. I’m thankful for the communities I live in – my physical neighbourhood, which is beautiful; my family (including the friends my parents have “adopted” over the years); the social justice community that I connect with every day both online and face to face; and the women’s movement, which is growing and changing so fast! And right now I am most thankful for the reproductive rights community, specifically my fellow Abortion Gang members who keep me connected to what’s happening, and provide a totally unexpected source of love, comfort and support in my life. Thank you thank you thank you. You are wonderful people.

I thank the people who believe they can change the world. For their passion, their dreams, and perhaps even their delusions.  Particulraly the always awe inspiring abortion gang, who not only remind me who I am but that I am not alone.  We are the future, and I couldn’t be more thankful for it.


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