Anti-Choicers Live Outside of Reality

20 Oct

Sometimes, when you have two different groups of people on different sides of an issue, you can explain their differences by saying that they come from different backgrounds or that they start off with a different set of assumptions. Unfortunately, that is not the case in the issue of abortion.

The differences among prochoicers and antichoicers is whether one supports and lives in reality or not.*

Of course, this has been obvious for a long time. One very common anti=choice lie which has no base in reality is claiming that abortion is murder. Abortion is clearly not murder but that wont stop anti-choicers from claiming it is- over and over and over. This is an obvious separation from reality. Even when given the facts, which clearly demonstrate that abortion is not murder, they will still disagree.

Another anti-choice claim that is false is that the majority of (if not all) women regret their abortions. Now, anti-choicers not only ignore the established fact that most women feel relief and not regret after an abortion, but they’ve even gone ahead and tried to make their own reality by publishing non-reviewed articles on their websites and blogs.

There are other anti-choice beliefs which obviously have no place in the real world- like the idea that all pro-choice women hate babies, or all pro-choice women abort.

But recently, anti-choicers* have gone even farther. There is a website that I’ve recently learned about called Ignore Roe. The concept is, as stated, that they believe everyone should just ignore Roe v Wade- as if it never happened. Via their homepage:

We begin with the premise that abortion is not legal, and can never BE legal, because abortion is the taking of innocent life, i.e. murder. Murder can never be legalized.

Just like that- taking reality and making it disappear. Or trying, at least. Thankfully, most anti-choicers (at least the ones I know) recognize that abortion is currently legal (even if they hate the fact). But the question is will this movement of ignoring established law spread?

Antichoice clinic harassers constantly ignore law, like the FACE Act. Will they be the first ones to ignore Roe? Or have they already? The murderers among the clinic harassers, such as Roeder, seemed to have decided to ignore Roe and take the law into their own hands.

How can anti-choicers be convinced to live in reality, and to accept reality? Factual evidence will not work unless the opposition is willing to accept real facts. Rational, logical discussion does not work unless both people or groups are willing to accept reality.

* Obviously this does not apply to every single individual antichoicer.


5 Responses to “Anti-Choicers Live Outside of Reality”

  1. Dee October 20, 2010 at 3:18 pm #

    This has always puzzled me, more than any other aspects of the opposition to abortion. You can be “pro-Life” and still live in reality (not a pretty reality, but reality nonetheless). Allow me to explain with the issue of divorce:

    The Catholic Church (and many other religions) oppose divorce on all grounds, even if the husband is an abusive rapist. The relationship is deemed to have been consecrated by god, and people cannot dissolve it for any reason without accepting excommunication and eternal damnation. Basically, what I’m saying is: the Church is morally opposed to divorce. Nevertheless, the Church still lives in reality. They do not (as far as I know) claim that divorce causes cancer, or that 80% of people regret their divorce, or that criminalizing divorce will lead to more stable marriages. The Church acknowledges the realities of divorce even though they condemn it.

    When it comes to abortion, however, the Church (and most antis) live in la-la land, where they get to make up “facts” about abortion. Those claims I cited above (cancer! depression! murder!) are made freely in regards to abortion where they would NEVER be made to another issue that these people oppose. For reasons I cannot explain, antis get to bend reality to their will where abortion is concerned.

    In theory, there could be people out there who accept the FACTS of abortion even as they condemn it. These are antis who live in reality. The majority of antis, the Church (and conservatives) condemn many issues, like divorce and abortion, but only with abortion do they get to lie through their teeth. What’s up with that?

  2. KushielsMoon October 20, 2010 at 10:09 pm #

    Dee, that’s an excellent way to put it! You’re exactly right. We know that conservatives can live in reality, because they do so on other issues which they condemn. It is only the matter of abortion in which they some how seem to detach themselves from reality. I too wish I could explain why there is a difference there.

  3. childfree October 23, 2010 at 8:39 pm #

    Great post. Yes, the only way to justify such an ideology (the anti one, that is) is to warp reality or at least the way you understand it. Healthy people change their beliefs to match reality. Delusional people change the way they understand reality to match their beliefs. And the more out of touch with reality their beliefs are, they more they warp reality. All of us, pro-choice or anti, must minimize cognitive dissonance.

    Antis deny that, in areas where abortion is illegal (and when it was illegal in the US), large numbers of people die(d) because of unsafe abortion. They HAVE to deny this. By wanting to make abortion illegal, they are essentially wishing for the deaths of many, many women – but who wants to think of themselves as someone who wants to cause massive suffering? No one, not even antis, so the only way to cope becomes to deny.

    We seem to examine reality, and based on it, come to our conclusions (pro-choice). Antis seem to go the other way – they form their belief in a vacuum, often based on religion, and then when it does not pass the test of being realistic, they become delusional.

  4. Spring December 13, 2010 at 4:08 pm #

    “The Catholic Church (and many other religions) oppose divorce on all grounds, even if the husband is an abusive rapist.”

    Where do you folks pull this stuff from? Learn the truth before you speak for crying out loud.


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