Junk Mail: Catching Up With Antis, Obsessed with Abortion Edition

23 Sep

A series a la Anti-Feminist Mailbag where we respond to some of the hateful and/or bigoted comments we often get on our posts.

This comment was left in response to Sophia’s post on the tea party movement:

Why do so many nodern feminists focus only on letting women abort, as if no other right matters? What about forced prostitution and sex trafficking? What about the horrible way Moslems (even in this country) treat their women? Did you know (dis)honor(able) killings are happening in the U.S. now, among the Moslem population? Did you know there is a push to let Moslems in America have Sharia law in family matters? What does that do to women’s rights? Wake up and smell the coffee, sister. There are a lot more issues threatening women’s rights (and their human rights) then just the right to scrape their uteruses out.

But since you insist on focusing on abortion, what are you doing to protect the right of choice for the women who are killed every year, because they refused their husband’s or boyfriend’s demand to get an abortion? What about their right to choose? Is it only women seeking abortions that have a right to choose? Or do women who want to give birth get the right to choose too? Or do you think women who refuse abortion aren’t really making a valid choice and are somehow asking for it?

Come on, show some outrage for the abuse and killing of women who don’t need, or want, an abortion. Considering how mad you get when someone is inconvenienced by a 24 hour waiting period, I’d think you’d have a little outrage left over for the women and girls whose lives are devastated by forced sex trafficking. Why don’t you show at least as much outrage for women who are killed. This regardless if she’s a Moslem who angered her family by talking to a man, or angered her boyfriend by refusing his demands that she get an abortion.

It is always refreshing when we at Abortion Gang get mail from readers telling us what we are doing wrong.

First Statement: “[m]odern feminists focus only on letting women abort, as if no other right matters.”

Reality: This statement couldn’t be further from the truth. I know I am speaking for everyone at AG when I say that we care about a vast number of issues. Dear Reader, if you had just taken a look at our blog roll, you would see that. I, for one, write my own blog entitled Finding My Feminism. On my blog I actually rarely talk about abortion – it is but one small aspect of my blog. The reason this blog talks almost exclusively about abortion is because that is its purpose. Dear Reader, when you come to a blog entitled ‘Abortion Gang,’ chances are it is going to be almost exclusively about abortion. Even though I have basically refuted your entire letter in one fell swoop, I will continue.

Second Statement: “What about the … Moslems?”

Reality: I have written pieces on ‘honour’ killings and I am not the only one. In fact, I haven’t just limited myself to Muslims, I have written about how all religion is a threat to women. In fact, fundamental Christians are very inclined towards domestic violence. Unlike you, Dear Reader, I do not limit myself to any one religion; they are all equally bad in my view and I talk about it extensively on my own blog. As a law student and an atheist, the idea that any religious law should ever apply is abhorrent to me. There should be one law that applies to everybody and it should have nothing to do with any religion. Sharia law does not require any more focus than the American courthouses that have erected monuments listing the 10 Commandments on the front steps. Religion does not mix with law or politics.

Third Statement: “What are you doing [about forced abortions]?”

Reality: Again I come to my own blog. ‘Forced’ or ‘coerced’ abortions are less of an abortion issue and more of a domestic violence issue, a topic that I have written about. Both issues are related to the patriarchy.

We here at AG talk about how welfare is a feminism issue, how health care intersects with abortion and feminism, and how harmful the patriarchy is to women in general. Dear Reader, we talk about how government officials interfere with women’s choices, and I wrote about how claiming feminists only care about one issue is bullshit. In fact, I’ve recently gone on a tirade on my own blog about why gun registration is a feminist issue.

I have managed to provide you with a dozen of links proving how you are very wrong to claim that we only care about abortion and I haven’t even taken the time to glance at the personal blogs of other AG members because I can dispute every one of your claims from my own blog.

Fourth Statement: “…just the right to scrape their uteruses out.”

Reality: Abortion does not exist in a vacuum; it intersects with almost every other feminist issue, so by tackling abortion, we have the potential to unleash a domino effect and change so much more. To say that we ‘only’ care about the ‘mere’ right to “scrape out our uteruses” is grossly offensive. Abortion is a subset of the feminist issue, which is broadly concerned with the effect the patriarchy has on women. The reason we focus on it here at AG is because abortion is a significant and visible manifestation of the patriarchy. The 24-hour waiting periods are so much more than an inconvenience and the fact that you use that word tells me that you really have no idea what you are talking about. Might I recommend you read our posts on the topic.

Advertising is also a feminist problem, but it is not as obvious. People do not see the misogyny in advertising, such as the Axe commercial currently running that tells men “women get bored easily.” We focus on abortion because this is an issue that the majority of the population has an opinion on. If we can change minds and hearts about abortion by dispelling myths and bringing access problems to the forefront, we may be able to change so much more.

Finally Dear Reader, we here at AG would like to know what you are doing about sex trafficking, forced prostitution, “the Moslems” and domestic violence? Since you are so quick to criticize us, we can only assume that you work day in and day out to tackle these issues while we focus ‘only’ on abortion.


3 Responses to “Junk Mail: Catching Up With Antis, Obsessed with Abortion Edition”

  1. placenta sandwich September 23, 2010 at 2:28 pm #

    we here at AG would like to know what you are doing about sex trafficking, forced prostitution, “the Moslems” and domestic violence? Since you are so quick to criticize us, we can only assume that you work day in and day out to tackle these issues

    Thank you! We used to get a commenter, almost daily — he has wandered off in recent months! — who would say things like “I’m sure you mean well, but you could save babies AND help women if you just focused on rape prevention, rape is one of the worst things in the world and why don’t you work to end rape?”

    Actually, we very much do oppose rape, we write about the scourge of sexual assault and its ties to reproductive oppression, several of us are current or former rape crisis counselors, and we do what we can to get men to stop raping — which is, you know, a herculean task that can use all the help it can get from anonymous male armchair-critics.

    It didn’t seem wise to encourage this individual to keep interacting with us, so I never asked the burning question: What has HE been doing to end rape? Any chance I’ll bump into him at the next rape crisis center training? No? Oh.

  2. Dee September 24, 2010 at 2:59 pm #

    This is something I’ve often noticed about antis: they use straw man arguments to try to “win” the debate. By this, I mean that they try to make the other side look ridiculous by painting them with labels like “pro-rape” or “pro-sharia” or “pro-honor killings”. How does being pro-choice exclude a measure of support or activism for other causes, both women related and otherwise? I can be pro-choice and anti-sharia, or pro-choice and pro-environment. Being a part of one movement, the prochoice movement, doesn’t preclude my involvement in others. Of course, antis don’t care to acknowledge their flawed arguments and logical fallacies, but it still surprises me how anyone can presume we’re pro-(any number of things) from being pro-choice.

    Another logical fallacy that antis love to espouse is the notion that we don’t care about women who are coerced into abortion. WRONG! Being pro-CHOICE means exactly that: the woman should choose. We don’t support coerced abortion any more than we support coerced pregnancy (a topic most antis are happy to ignore, make lemonade out of lemons, and what not).

    Of course, bringing up unrelated issues or outright lies serves the anti agenda, which is to take the focus off women and their choices. It moves the discussion away from the individual woman who seeks an abortion to another topic altogether. It also makes it easier, in their feeble minds, to attack a movement that they’ve associated with evil practices like stoning and honor killings. After all, why tackle the reality of abortion when you can demonize and dismiss instead?

  3. Courtney September 27, 2010 at 12:13 pm #

    Yeah, it is pretty counterintuitive to come to a blog titled “Abortion Gang” and to expect the topic to be about the role of the media and socializing young girls or something to that effect.
    You’re a good one for continuing to discuss this person’s letter. Heck, I wouldn’t have even give them the time of day to reply.

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