Pro-Choice and Proud: A Love Letter to the Pro-Choice Community

16 Sep

Being involved in social media can expose you to a lot of anti-choice misogyny, especially if you happen to be a pro-choice activist. Coming across anti-choice propaganda is pretty much inevitable for us. I used to seek out this anti-choice propaganda, but now that I feel like I’ve seen it all, I try to avoid it. Having been exposed to all of this misogyny and propaganda, I’ve learned a lot of things about the anti-choice side. One thing in particular that I’ve noticed is that the anti-choice movement is similar to a club, and the loudest anti-choicers are very picky about who they accept into this club.

If you go onto a few of the loudest anti-choice websites, you’ll see a recurring theme. You’ll see that nearly all of these organizations take an anti-trans, anti-homosexuality stance. You’ll see that these organizations are very conservative in nature, and they promote hostility towards Muslims, immigrants, atheists, etc. I often imagine myself as an anti-choicer (as if that would ever happen!) and I think that, even if I wanted to be anti-choice, could I bring myself to do it? Could I bring myself to join a movement that calls half of my family (Muslims) terrorists who are trying to invade the USA? Could I bring myself to join a movement that actively promotes hatred towards my trans sisters and brothers? Could I bring myself to join a movement that considers a lot of people who I love somehow less deserving of human rights than white, straight, and cis people? No, I couldn’t.

I’ve noticed a lot of bickering amongst antis whenever I visit anti-choice communities. There’s a lot of debate over who is really “pro-life” and who isn’t. I’ve seen antis claim that you can’t be “pro-life” if you’re pro-gay marriage. I’ve seen them claim that, regarding abortion, if you make exceptions for the life of the woman then you are suddenly just another “pro-abort.” Well known anti-choice sites, like Jill Stanek’s for example, take an anti-trans and anti-gay stance. There is also the issue of religion. Most anti-choice communities are solely Christian, and although they may accept atheists or agnostics into their club (with some reluctance), there tends to be quite a bit of hostility between religious antis and secular antis. It makes me think: what do antis think they’re doing for their movement by being hostile and divisive? I don’t know, but I’m glad as hell that hostility amongst pro-choicers is not nearly as common.

This is something that I love about the pro-choice movement. I love the cause itself, for one, but I also love the community. Before becoming an active member of the pro-choice movement I struggled to find my place. When I found the pro-choice movement, I felt welcome and wanted. Are we perfect? Of course not. No one, not even pro-choicers, are exempt from the possibility of promoting some type of hostility or hatred. However, when I visited anti-choice communities, even before developing my pro-choice ideals and before becoming a pro-choice advocate, the message they gave me was clear was clear: “We don’t want you here.” The hostility in anti-choice communities was much more apparent to me. For that reason, among others, I am proud to be pro-choice.


5 Responses to “Pro-Choice and Proud: A Love Letter to the Pro-Choice Community”

  1. Dee September 16, 2010 at 3:57 pm #

    Can I just say that- aside from all their other contradictions- the most confusing one is their anti-gay stance? The reason I find it so perplexing is that, if gays were allowed to marry, they’d be able to adopt children much more easily. You know, the children that the antis claim to care so much about, that they’d be willing to sacrifice women’s lives to save them. Yet, when these children are born, antis would rather leave them in orphanages than allow a gay couple to adopt them. This proves that the anti movement is fueled less by their love of babies and more by their need to enforce religious doctrine.

    Let’s not even get onto their stance on the rights of immigrant mothers and their children or on their stance of state healthcare for children.

  2. InsaneArtGurl September 16, 2010 at 7:32 pm #

    “You know, the children that the antis claim to care so much about”

    That’s the think though Dee…I honestly think they just say they’re against abortion because they care about children, because it sounds nicer than saying they just want to enforce patriarchal control of women’s bodies and sexuality. The majority of people don’t have very strong feelings about abortion either way. I’d also go as far as to say the majority of people don’t think we should move back to a women-as-property model. So if anti-choice spouts off stuff about how women shouldn’t have a say about what goes on with their bodies and that women ought to be punished for daring to have sex, they’d get laughed out of town. But when they start talking about saving babies, well almost everyone loves babies!

    The antis that are against abortion even in the case of rape and if the woman’s life is at risk are the ones that truly scare me. That’s more than disrespecting a woman’s right to control her body; that’s disrespecting her right to LIVE. Not surprisingly, I also find myself getting on pretty well and antis who are for rape/health exceptions. I find them lightyears more polite, more reasonable to talk to, and more likely to debate on the grounds of science and ethics instead of emotion and religion.

  3. sobdee x September 17, 2010 at 12:28 pm #

    i love this post!
    can i reblog on

  4. Reema September 17, 2010 at 12:30 pm #

    Of course, sobdee, just as long as you reference back to the abortiongang. Thanks! 🙂


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