Abortion Is Like An IRA For Teenagers

12 Jul

At some point or another everyone has wanted to believe in something impossible. Whether it was daydreaming about Prince William, buying a lottery ticket, or wishing upon a star, we’ve all been there. Someone is going to win the lottery – why not me? Except with odds number in the millions against us, it usually isn’t. A friend calls these little departures from reality, pie-in-the-sky.

When I read a transcript of Nevada Republican Senate nominee Sharron Angle’s strange radio interview, in which she said that she was against abortion in all cases – including in cases of rape and/or incest, I was obviously disturbed. Turns out, Angle’s own pie-in-the-sky, one-in-a-million fantasy is that the girl who gets knocked up at 13 after being raped by her father as a preteen not only has the child (despite being a child), but is able to make a “lemon situation into lemonade.” What is this pipedream based on? Angle managed to bamboozle, sorry, “counsel” two of the millions of teenage girls who become pregnant every year to carry the pregnancies to term, and they were able to graduate high school. One lived with her child’s adoptive parents while doing so. Let’s assume that Angle is telling the truth – that these girls turned their pregnancies into productive lives. That’s only two.

It sounds so lovely – but like my daydreams of winning the lottery, while it could happen, it would be idiotic to assume that it will. Every paycheck I get has a piece of it taken out for retirement, and another for short term savings, because even though I occasionally buy a lottery ticket, I know that the odds are stacked against my winning. Similarly, it is ridiculous to make sweeping statements against abortion as an option for a 13-year-old child who was raped by her father. I believe in abortion as an option for every woman, because whether I would have an abortion if I was in another woman’s shoes or not is irrelevant – I would not want her opinion to keep me from having an abortion if I needed one. But to tell a child that because of a criminal action that was committed against her, she has to give up her childhood, give up her youth to have a child is a criminal notion. There may be a pie-in-the-sky one-in-a-million teenager who decides to do so – and I would be fascinated to hear her thoughts on her life in another decade or three – but to take away the choice to have a childhood from a child? Just because one out of millions decided to do so and ‘made lemonade’ ? That would be like never saving a dime toward retirement because I was certain I would win the lottery, or failing to get marketable job skills while in college because I was sure I would marry a rich man who would support me. Sure, it could happen – but could and will are very far apart.


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