Remembering Dr. Tiller: Looking Ahead

1 Jun

It is with great sadness that I sit down to write this post–sadness for two reasons. The first, obviously, being the one year anniversary of Dr. George Tiller’s death. The second, though, is for not being aware of Dr. Tiller before that tragic time.

Maybe I had read his name in passing or heard it mentioned briefly at some point in my earlier times as an abortion rights activist. I knew, certainly, that there were few doctors in the country who provided late-term abortions, but I wish I had known about Dr. Tiller’s career and trust in women before he taken from us. As I read about him, I was touched by what he had done with his life and saddened that it was cut much too short.

It amazes me the lengths some people will go to to strip women of their human rights. It also amazes me (though, perhaps, shouldn’t) that the only way some people feel to stop what they consider murder is with murder.
But we shouldn’t we dwelling on the tragedy. We should be thankful for the time we had with Dr. Tiller and his invaluable and valiant fight for women everywhere. This May 31, I will be thinking of him and will feel renewed, once again, to keep the peace and continue the fight for reproductive justice.

Thank you, Dr. Tiller, for Trusting Women, and also thanks to Steph for keeping his legacy alive through I am Dr. Tiller.


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