It’s Easy to be Anti-Choice

26 May

Babies are cute. At some point or another most of us have cooed over at least one, breathing in their sweet baby powder scent, cuddling one close, or exclaiming over adorable miniature Nike sneaker-socks that look more appropriate as a rear view mirror adornment than for any practical use. It is this basic human fascination with these miniature versions of ourselves that makes it so much easier to be anti-choice than pro-choice. It’s easy to conjure images of defenseless cherubs, and the evil sadists that want to kill them. Anti-choice proponents have an easy marketing campaign with their myriad advertisements for their cause – from baby footprints on caps at Notre Dame’s graduation last year in protest of Obama’s selection as speaker to the posters of boxes of Kleenex pointing out the difference between facial tissue and a baby not being tissue. It’s easy to throw up a cute photo of a baby and then make a cutting remark about abortion, easy to throw vials of fake blood around at protests and easy to spout bible verses at women as they try to get into an abortion clinic.

It’s not easy to be pro-choice. It’s not because we’re wrong to be pro-choice (as I covered in a previous post, we’re not, and it’s nothing to be ashamed of), but let’s face it, abortion is a surgery, or at the very least a medical procedure. There’s nothing warm and fuzzy about a drug addict opting to have an abortion rather than have a baby addicted to cocaine, born with brain damage, and to a mother unable to care for her – just cold, hard, reality and pragmatism. There’s nothing cute about a 17-year-old getting court permission to have an abortion since she can’t get it from her mother, and she already has a baby to care for – it’s the responsible decision, the right decision, but is it something we can coo over? Something that translates into a sweet little photo op? No. There are no bible verses or psalms to dress it up. And we don’t need them – doing the right thing, making the hard decision is just that – doing what’s right even if it’s hard – and no cute little quips or patronizing speeches like the ones that the anti-choicers are prone to spouting would make it any easier, just prolong the experience. And yet, since we are saddled with the innate ick factor of any medical procedure (particularly for the medically squeamish like myself), and without the aid of a family friendly ready made PR campaign, we are put in a more difficult position. It’s easy to be anti-choice, it’s hard to be pro-choice – but that doesn’t make it any less right, just like the fact that there’s nothing cute, cuddly, or adorable about a woman choosing to have an abortion for any reason doesn’t change the fact that she’s making the responsible and right decision for herself, only that it’s infinitely more serious and well thought out for that lack of “cute.”

5 Responses to “It’s Easy to be Anti-Choice”

  1. Danielle May 26, 2010 at 8:38 pm #

    I thought it wasn’t surgery since nothing’s being…cut open. I think of it as a medical procedure, like getting my wisdom teeth removed. Nothing to coo over there, but getting those teeth removed prevented further pain and decay.


  2. Shayna May 26, 2010 at 11:00 pm #

    I like your analogy! Without getting too graphic (Like I said, I’m medically squeamish – my sister still likes to gross me out with her medical school stories about cadavers and even how the digestive system works!), there are different types of abortions, ranging up to the late term abortion which is surgical in nature – Hope that clarifies (other Abortion Gang members, feel free to describe more details/clarification)

  3. Karla May 29, 2010 at 9:18 pm #

    You have to believe there are crazies on both sides….I am prolife and have many prochoice friends…we are civil…we love each other the same because we are Adults. I agree that there are crazies that are prolife…but I also know of prochoicers who use abortion as their only form of birth control. To me that too is crazy.

  4. Steph May 29, 2010 at 11:18 pm #

    There are fanatics on both sides, I’ll give you that. There are some pro-choice people I disagree with, not because we have different intrinsic values (we all believe women deserve to have control over their reproductive lives), but usually where we differ is how to get that message across.

    With that said, in all my time working at an abortion clinic, I did not encounter one woman who used abortion in place of, say, the pill or nuvaring or what have you. At its most basic level, abortion IS birth control. Having an abortion controls the number of births you have & don’t have. It’s that simple, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

  5. pigs can't fly June 4, 2010 at 3:25 am #

    Yeah, sorry, Karla. I’ve also never seen unicorns. Or those other mystical creatures you speak of when you mention “prochoicers who use abortion as their only form of birth control”. I’d like to meet one of these people, who uses abortion as their ONLY form. Really? Do you also think pigs can fly?

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