My Pro-Choice “Click” Moment.

9 Apr

I am pro-choice. I was not always this way. Unlike many Abortion Gang members, I wasn’t raised to believe that women had the right to choose what to do with their own bodies. To be fair, I wasn’t exactly raised to believe that abortion is murder or should be illegal either. I think it would be safe to say that I come from a pretty politically apathetic family. They’ve always voted, but my sister and I weren’t really raised with any certain set of beliefs—other than the fact that we were raised Catholic and we come from a blue state.

I’m not sure exactly when I learned what abortion is. I don’t recall hearing words that might have suggested to me that abortion is wrong. But for some reason, that’s what I assumed. Okay, my young, uninformed self thought, abortion is getting rid of a pregnancy before the baby is born. That must be wrong. And so I suppose I considered myself pro-life.

I attribute the state of my current self to young adult author Meg Cabot. It was through her books and on her message board that I joined when it launched nearly seven years ago that I was first introduced to pro-choice and feminist ideas. I was (and still am) a moderator on the site and I remember another moderator, a few years older than I was, talking about how a friend of hers was pro-life, and she simply couldn’t fathom the idea and didn’t know how to get across the pro-choice message to her. Our site administrator offered advice. First she stated the obvious: sometimes there’s just no point in trying to reason with anti-choicers. But if you do want to attempt it, offer these points. Following was a list of typical pro-choice arguments (which I won’t bore you with since I trust you are familiar with them).

I found myself nodding in agreement with everything. I agree with that, I thought. And that! And…that, too! It started to dawn on me that I am pro-choice. It clicked. But I had a hard time with it at first. I had assumed that abortion was wrong, yet here I was with pro-choice rhetoric making complete sense right in front of my eyes. After a few minutes of sitting at my desk pondering this epiphany, I decided–for lack better terms–to roll with it.

Soon after this, the flood-gates to feminism opened and I became a die hard feminist and unapologetic supporter of choice. It took me awhile to claim the fact that I am unapologetic. For a long time I always thought that while I would never have an abortion, I can’t deny any other woman that right. But now? The questions I ask myself are What if it was me? What would I do? I honestly don’t know. No, I take that back. I think I do know. If I found out I was pregnant at this very moment…I probably wouldn’t want to go through with it.

I want to feel the safety of knowing that I always have a choice, and that every other woman in this country has a choice as well. This is why I fight for reproductive justice and for the right for all to live the life they love.


3 Responses to “My Pro-Choice “Click” Moment.”

  1. WeCanChangeIt April 9, 2010 at 1:57 pm #

    I totally relate to this. My family was politically apathetic, but the religious schools I went to indoctrinated the crap out of me. It was confusing because I was always seeking out information and found feminism and the pro-choice movement and checked out the facts. I think there are so many people in the world who do not think strongly about this issue until they are making a choice themselves.

  2. Nicole G. April 10, 2010 at 10:46 am #

    I actually went to a Catholic school for seven years, but I can’t say it was successful in indoctrinating me. The religion class I had nearly every day? I don’t exactly remember them a whole lot. Then again, I was introduced to Harry Potter via my fourth grade reading class!

  3. placenta sandwich April 10, 2010 at 11:57 pm #

    I went to Catholic school too (for 11 years)! And we had religion class nearly every day too 🙂 Actually, it could have been a lot worse than it was, in retrospect. My teachers didn’t talk about it that often, even the religion teachers. But we did have periodic guest speakers who said really weird things about both sex and abortion, and it definitely took me a while to realize that I was pro-choice.

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