There is Nothing Wrong with Using Abortion as Birth Control.

24 Mar
After arguing that girls who sleep around deserve to get pregnant, the second worst argument for banning abortions, or making getting an abortion more difficult are those who claim to know women who “use abortions as birth control.”  First of all, yes,  abortions are a form of birth control – obviously.  Assuming that they are referring to women that actually are flagrantly having unprotected sex and having abortion after abortion after abortion (dubious), even so, who are any of us to put a cap on the reproductive assistance other women should receive?  Even if it did make sense to judge another woman’s choices, should a very small minority of women be the deciding factor for whether this medical procedure should be available to the rest of our gender?

Consider:  It’s a well documented fact that a wide variety of household cleaning supplies can be used to get high, damaging brain cells, and even causing death.  I still walk into the supermarket and buy aerosol room freshening spray if I want to.  Should I have to get a license for toilet bowl cleaner or a spray to make my house smell like fresh laundry?  It’s possible to concoct a wide variety of deadly potions using over the counter cold syrup and other medications.  I can still buy most over the counter medications on a shelf, the others are handed to me over the counter – is it reasonable to have to get a prescription for Tylenol?  Some people drive drunk and kill other people – perhaps these same anti-choicers think we should give up driving since some people choose to drive drunk.

Of course these aren’t reasonable scenarios – they are absurd, and so is positing that just because you may judge another woman’s choices as being extreme and abusing a privilege, that abortion should be outlawed.  Having access to reproductive health options, including abortion, is not a privilege – its a mental and physical health necessity.  Being pro-choice means that you make your choice, I make mine, and every other woman gets to make hers.  Educating each other on less invasive options is absolutely an excellent idea – every woman should know what her choices are – and choices means that she can pick any, none, or a combination thereof over the course of her lifetime, just like I can, and just like you can.

7 Responses to “There is Nothing Wrong with Using Abortion as Birth Control.”

  1. Persephone March 24, 2010 at 4:16 pm #

    “Assuming that they are referring to women that actually are flagrantly having unprotected sex and having abortion after abortion after abortion (dubious)”

    I know that it would be naive to say that there are no women who do this but it would have to be an extreme rarity. Abortions are expensive and usually extremely uncomfortable, so given the choice I’m sure most women would choose an easier, cheaper and less painful option.

    But like you said, even if they don’t, that’s no ones business but hers.

  2. Shayna March 24, 2010 at 6:25 pm #

    I agree — I can’t imagine that a woman actually exists who has made a conscious choice to make having repeated abortions her only birth control – who wants to go through that kind of pain/cost/inconvenience if they can have the same result (not being pregnant) with a pill or a condom (or both)? Not to mention the risk of STDs… but I really got annoyed with the anti-choicers who claim to know such women personally – and that that’s a good reason to ban abortions (as I type this vitriol I’m getting annoyed all over again!)

  3. Dhalgren March 24, 2010 at 11:14 pm #

    I’ve seen some heartbreaking cases in which a 20 or 21 year-old girl is getting her fourth termination. Most of them repeatedly get pregnant either because they never asked for a BC prescription, have an irresponsible boyfriend, or both. Sometimes it takes a third or fourth abortion to finally provoke a patient to ask about the Pill or even tubal ligation (if she already has children). Fortunately, all of this is very rare. No woman relies on abortion voluntarily, just like no one wants to get a root canal.

  4. aish March 25, 2010 at 8:38 am #

    I’m from india and here abortion is not really a big deal, our culture has never been for or against it. Teen pregnancy is on the rise, but now days we have bigger problems like HIV. But i dont think anyone has the right to judge what a girl does with her time and life…..never trust the pill, go with the condom. (it may not be 100% effective but it can save u from pregnancy and std’s).

  5. Viktoria April 18, 2010 at 3:54 am #

    there is a thing called planned parenthood, and they do abortions, and free condoms and anything you need to know information wise. eventhough most religous people think that abortion is wrong, they need to face it. it’s a fact of life it’s not going to stop women have rights and if abortion is taken away from us then we are just loosing more rights. i personaly don’t belive there is anything wrong with abortion myself. but i do belive that you should take precaution like bith control, condoms that sort of thing to prevent pregnacy but if it does not work and abortion is an option and say your 15 and cannot support a child that is probobly what they are going to do.

  6. Jessica Metaneira January 12, 2011 at 7:59 am #

    It makes me so sick when people assume that they have the right to ‘punish’ women for not being responsible enough.

    An analogy would be this. How would it be if you came in after a motorbike crash and I determined that since you CHOSE to ride that motorbike, and therefore you were being ‘irresponsible’, I had the right to punish you by preventing you from seeking medical care?

    That’s right. Morally unacceptable. So is arrogating to oneself the right to punish a woman by taking away control of her own body…I feel my blood heat up as I type this.


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