Why I am Pro-Choice

19 Mar

I wish I could tell you some dramatic story about how I became pro-choice. I wish I could tell you a story of an illegal, botched abortion, or a story of an experience that I had with abortion or with a pregnancy. I wish I could tell you a story that might make you cry. I wish I could tell you of one life-changing, significant event that led me from being an anti-choicer to a pro-choice activist.

The truth is, I can’t.

My anti-choice to pro-choice transformation did not occur because of a single event. It was a process. I started out as an anti-choicer in my early teens. I believed that, if a woman or girl was “slutty” enough to get pregnant, that she should have to go through the pregnancy. I did not have a tiny bit of compassion for the woman in the situation. It was more about punishment for having sex than anything else. I don’t even think I cared about the embryo very much, if at all. In other words, I was a typical anti.

My transition was big learning experience, As I matured, I learned of compassion. As I learned to be compassionate, and as I learned to love people, my views in regards to abortion became more and more liberal. I came to recognize the fact that a person owns hir body, regardless of what is living inside of it. I learned that each person who has an abortion has her own story in life, and that story deserves to be heard. It deserves to be listened to, and not judged. I learned that pregnancy is not a black and white issue. Women are human beings and, just like any other human being, they are capable of making mistakes. I learned that it’s not my place to judge and to blame people, but to listen and to educate as well as I can. By the age of 16 or 17, I became a pro-choice activist (or as much of an activist that I could have been with restrictive, anti-choice parents). I do not think that it’s a coincidence that, as soon as I learned to love people, I became pro-choice.

So, why am I pro-choice? Because I trust women. Why do I trust women? Because I trust and love humanity. It’s that simple.


One Response to “Why I am Pro-Choice”

  1. EAMD March 19, 2010 at 4:51 pm #

    Just stumbled across your blog via feministing and wanted to say hello. Can’t wait to catch up on older posts this weekend. So glad you’re here!

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