Becoming Pro-Choice.

18 Mar

A lot of people seem to have a strong, personal story for why they’re prochoice. They had an abortion, their best friend had an abortion, their grandmother died from an abortion, their mother went through a forced pregnancy.

I don’t have such a story.

My prochoice belief evolved into being during my teen years. There was no single day where I suddenly went, “Gasp! I’m prochoice!” Nope. As I saw my friends become sexually active I educated myself about contraceptives, and with that discussion came a discussion on abortion. It just seemed obvious to me that I should be prochoice. It’s the logical, moral, legal position. It’s American. Abortion is an issue of American freedom and human rights.

Now that I’m a self-proclaimed prochoicer, I have been able to hear all the other stories of horror, stories of accomplishment, stories of death and stories of life. All the thousands of women and men, and millions of reasons to be prochoice. Every story, my prochoice strength is renewed, my position is strengthened and my love of people grows. Women (cis or trans) are so, so, so strong. Men are strong too. The strength of men and women to pull through impossible situations is why I’m prochoice.

One Response to “Becoming Pro-Choice.”

  1. Shayna March 19, 2010 at 7:50 pm #

    I don’t have a dramatic story either – I have always been Pro-Choice, which was easy as the daughter of a Pro-Choice mother… in the intervening years of meeting “antis”, I have come to the conclusion that the simple fact is, I cannot imagine a scenario where it is acceptable to hold a woman’s body hostage. I used to have a bumper sticker that said “keep your laws off my body.” I still believe in that today.

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